Planning application for residential development -Cwm y Nant (Land North of Gors-Fach), Llanelli

  • Consultation period: 26/07/2019 - 23/08/2019 ~ 23:59
  • Audience: Statutory Specialist Consultees, Local County Council Members, Community Council, local residents and/or all businesses / third-sector organisations.
  • Area: Bynea and Llwynhendy Wards
  • Council department / service: Chief Executives, Regeneration and Policy

Why are we consulting

The Local Authority is consulting in relation to a planning application for residential development at Cwm y Nant (Land North of Gors-Fach), Llanelli. Prior to formal submission to the Local Planning Authority and in accordance with the requirements set out in Part 1A of the Town & Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Wales) Order 2012, the proposal must be subject to pre-application consultation.

How to get involved

Hard copies of documents will be available to view at Llanelli and Llwynhendy Libraries as well as hosted on the Asbri Planning Website. Consultees will be able to submit their comments via completion of the hard copy pro forma which will be available at the libraries or via the downloadable survey on Asbri Planning Website.

Next Steps

A “Pre-Application Consultation Report” will be prepared in accordance with Part 1 Section 2F of the 2016 Order and demonstrates how the applicant has complied with Section 61Z of the 1990 Act and responded to the Consultation received from any person consulted under Section 61Z (3) or (4) of the 1990 Act. This will accompany any formal planning submission to the Local planning Authority.

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