Well-being Objectives

Page updated on: 17/07/2020

Life is for living, let’s start, live and age well in a healthy, safe and prosperous environment.

Our inter-related Well-being/Improvement Objectives range from helping children to live healthy lives to promoting the Welsh language and culture.

Detailed action plans are in place to support each improvement/well-being objective. These will be monitored and reported on through our Performance Management Framework. The annual report shows the progress we have made in meeting our Objectives (published in the Autumn the following year, after financial and performance results are known).

 For further details on our Objectives this year, please select from the list below:

Our Well-being Objectives (WBO) for 2019-20 (incorporated within the Corporate Strategy 2018-2023):

  1. Help to give every child the best start in life and improve their early life experiences
  2. Help children live healthy lifestyles
  3. Support and improve progress and achievement for all learners
  4. Ensure all young people are in Education, Employment or Training (EET) and are following productive learning and career pathways
  5. Tackle poverty by doing all we can to prevent it, helping people into work and improving the lives of those living in poverty
  6. Creating more jobs and growth throughout the county
  7. Increase the availability of rented and affordable homes
  8. Help people live healthy lives (tackling risky behaviour and obesity)
  9. Supporting good connections with friends, family and safer communities
  10. Support the growing numbers of older people to maintain dignity and independence in their later years
  11. A Council-wide approach to support Ageing Well in the County
  12. Looking after the environment now and for the future
  13. Improving the highway and transport infrastructure and connectivity
  14. Promoting Welsh Language and Culture

Plus an additional Corporate Objective of:

   15. Building a Better Council and Making Better Use of Resources


For further details on the action plan for each Objective, please select from the list below:

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