Best start in life

What steps are we taking to improve?

  1. We will support families by:
    1. Working together to reduce the number of children who suffer Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).
    2. Working together to reduce the number of children who need to be in the care of the Local Authority.
    3. Promoting bonding and attachments to support positive good parent-child relationships.
    4. Better equipping parents and care-givers with the necessary skills to avoid ACEs arising within the home environment and encourage development of social and emotional well-being and resilience in the child.
    5. Identifying and intervening where children may already be victims of abuse, neglect or living in an adverse environment.
    6. Continuing to provide attachment awareness training in schools to ensure they become attachment awareness schools and are able to meet the emotional well-being needs of vulnerable children.
  2. We will ensure that every child with identified additional learning needs (ALN) in all Carmarthenshire schools will have access to appropriate integrated support services. For example:
    1. Educational and Child Psychology
    2. Sensory Impairment Service support
    3. Specialist Advisory Teacher and Teaching Assistant support
    4. Behaviour Support Community Team
    5. Access to family support through Family Liaison Officers

Our focus for 2021-22 will be on:

  • The expansion of Flying Start under the auspices of the Early years transformation programme.
  • The success for this objective will be measured by the number of children in care with 3 or more placements in the year.