Highways and transport

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Well-being objective 11: Improve the highway and transport infrastructure and connectivity

Why is this important?

Transportation & highways play a key role in sustaining our community and deliver ‘Prosperity for All.’ A modern, successful economy is reliant upon the safe and efficient movement of people and goods; providing opportunities for people to gain access to employment, education, health, leisure and shopping.

United and connected is one of the four Welsh Government aims in its ‘Taking Wales Forward’ plan. Providing integrated and affordable access for businesses, for residents and visitors can stimulate economic development, reductions in deprivation and social exclusion and an increase in well-being.

Sustaining access to services will deliver improvements in health and well-being for all sections of the community e.g. that includes walking, cycling, passenger and road transport.

By 2030 South West Wales will be a confident, ambitious and connected City Region.

Why should this concern us?

  • Our highway network is the second largest in Wales covering 3,545 Kilometres, more than double the Welsh average of 1,566 Kilometres; covering 16 million square metres of carriageway.
  • The condition of our roads was ranked 17th out of 22 across Wales in 2017/18.
  • 18.8% of residents do not have access to a car or van. However, 43.5% of households have one car per household, which may indicate reduced accessibility in areas not well served by public transport.
  • Only 55% aged 80 or over have access to a car/van therefore public transport and community based services are important to enable people to continue to live within their communities; it can mean the difference between a person staying independent at home or entering residential care.
  • Air quality is a concern is Llandeilo, Carmarthen and Llanelli. Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on Air Quality.