Highways and transport

How will the well-being objective be financed?

Carmarthenshire’s Local Transport Plan sets out our priorities for infrastructure investment. The priorities are aligned to our corporate objectives and set within the objectives of the Swansea Bay City Region. Our current approved capital programme includes over £19m for investment into highway infrastructure, £10m of which is reliant on external grant funding, and includes £254k on new electronic vehicle charging points and £800k for street lighting.

The Highways and Transport division’s revenue budget of £32m includes a sum of £8m for the highways infrastructure as well as funding for school and public transport, car park maintenance and administration, the upkeep of public lighting for the county and the development of transport strategies to maintain the connectivity of the highways infrastructure for Carmarthenshire.

Transformation projects such as those included within the City Deal and integrated transport projects, supported through external funding, will provide opportunities for investment into the infrastructure and transportation services to support the safe movement of people and goods.