Promote Welsh language and culture

Well-being objective 12: Promote Welsh language and culture

So why is this important?

  • Carmarthenshire is a stronghold for the Welsh language and is considered to be of high strategic importance in its future.
  • Bilingualism is beneficial to both the economy and individuals through cognitive and social benefits.
  • It is a unique selling point. Tourist and hospitality industries throughout Europe are now realising the importance of offering unique experiences. Having two languages and a sense of Welsh history and culture places Carmarthenshire in a strong position.
  • Engaging in cultural activity has demonstrable positive impact on starting well, living well and ageing well.

Why should this concern us?

  • According to the results of the 2019/20 National Survey for Wales 37.4% of people in Carmarthenshire said that they spoke Welsh. (Based on a sample of 12,400 in Wales)
  • The 2011 Census showed that the number of Welsh speakers in Carmarthenshire had reduced to 43.9% compared to 50.1% in 2001.
  • The Welsh Government’s ambition, through the Cymraeg 2050 - Welsh language Strategy, is to see the number of people able to enjoy speaking and using Welsh reach a million by 2050.
  • The Welsh Government’s Light Springs through the Dark: A Vision for Culture in Wales is reinforcing the importance of culture as a priority.