Better governance and use of resources

How will the well-being objective be financed?

Addressing this priority cuts across all service areas and is both about investment as well as efficiency savings. The Council is committed to financially sustainable delivery models - there are many examples of this across different departments, such as increased Extra Care provision where it better meets service user needs, looking at how Covid will lead to new ways of working, potentially reducing the Council’s estate costs in the future.

Over a sustained period of budget reductions, the council has sought to maximise the proportion of managerial savings, thus minimising the impact on frontline services. The Council’s medium term financial plan includes £9.2 million of “managerial” proposals, or over 80% of total budget reduction proposals put forward.

The council has committed to improving ways of working through the work of the “Transformation, Innovation & Change” programme (TIC), which is underpinned by the TIC team (£227k).