Better governance and use of resources

What do we need to do?

  • Our Transform, Innovate and Change (TIC) approach will make sure that we take the opportunity to learn the lessons of the COVID-19 Pandemic and build on the of the new ways of working that were successful.
  • We will comply with the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act on the establishment of a new and reformed legislative framework for local government elections, democracy, governance, and performance.
  • We will apply the new Socio-Economic Duty to reduce inequalities due to socio-economic disadvantage.
  • We will invest in regeneration through the council’s capital programme by developing and building employment space for businesses and providing financial support to the private sector for development.
  • We will make better use of our resources which will help to minimise the impact on services primarily by making smarter use of our buildings, our people, and our spending.
  • We need to embed tackling inequality across all Services. (See also: A More Equal Wales)

Which of the 7 well-being goals does this objective meet?

We must work towards achieving all of the 7 national well-being goals in the Well-being of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015. This objective meets the following goals: