Help children live healthy lifestyles

Well-being objective 2: Help children live healthy lifestyles

Why is this objective important?

  • Projections suggest an increase in trends for childhood obesity with figures showing males between the ages of 2 – 15 being at greatest risk.
  • Assessment engagement activity with primary school children showed being physically active to be the second most important factor for positive well-being of children aged 6 – 11, after connections with family and friends.
  • Living healthy lives allows children to fulfil their potential and meet education aspirations.
  • Habits established early in life remain with people to allow them to play a full part in the economy and society of Carmarthenshire.

Why should this concern us?

  • Carmarthenshire has the 12th highest levels of childhood obesity in Wales with 26.6% (492) of 4-5 year olds being overweight or obese, just above the Welsh average of 26.4%. (Child Measurement Programme for Wales 2017/18)
  • Engagement with primary schools identified a strong link between physical activity and opportunities to play in outside spaces, and to feel safe in that environment.
  • Mental health disorders in children and young people are just as prevalent, with 1 in 10 children and young people aged five to sixteen suffering from a diagnosable mental health disorder. Between the ages of one to twelve, 1 in 15 young people deliberately self-harm. Source: Our Health Our Future, Hywel Dda Interim Integrated Medium Term Plan 2016/17 - 2018/19 (page 56)