Tackle poverty

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Well-being objective 4: Tackle poverty by doing all we can to prevent it, help people into work & improve the lives of those living in poverty

Why is this objective important?

Poverty and deprivation have serious detrimental effects across all aspects of well-being. It limits the opportunities and prospects for children and young people, damages the quality of life for families and communities.

Poverty can be a barrier to full participation in society and is too often an intergenerational experience which poses a significant threat to experiencing positive well-being both now and in the future.

Why should this concern us?

  • 33.8% (27,691) of households in Carmarthenshire can be defined as living in poverty, 13th highest in Wales (Welsh average 32.9%). Welsh Government defines poverty as when “household income is less than 60% of the GB median income”. This means a household where income is less than £19,967 a year (2020 - 60% of £33,278).
  • We have a new statutory Socio-Economic Duty to reduce inequalities of socio-economic disadvantage.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic may have impacted more significantly on the most deprived communities.