Tackle poverty

What steps are we taking to improve?

  1. We will undertake a fundamental review of our approach to Tackling Poverty and prepare a cross departmental Council action plan to respond to key issues relating to poverty, rural poverty and child poverty. We will discuss this further with relevant stakeholders and Carmarthenshire Public Service Board (PSB) members.
  2. Our children and education services will work to prevent poverty through delivering key early intervention programmes such as flying start and team around the family (TAF), and ensure that financial literacy is on the school curriculum. In addition, services such as housing will take a more proactive, preventative approach to addressing key triggers of poverty to prevent escalation of issues such as homelessness and fuel poverty.
  3. We will help people into work by building their confidence and skills through the dedicated Communities 4 Work and Communities 4 Work Plus programmes and targeted support for those who are furthest from the labour market e.g. those who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET). We will continue to extend the Hwb model as a one stop shop for employment advice and support.
  4. We will improve the lives of those living in poverty through promoting and supporting greater financial literacy via services such as trading standards and housing benefits. We will also deliver initiatives to support key vulnerable groups including the School Holiday Enrichment Programme (SHEP), Toy Box & Hamper appeal (Rural Poverty – see also Well-being objective 5c)

Our focus for 2021-22 will be:

  • Tackling Poverty

The success for this objective will be measured by:

  • The gap in average Capped 9 points score for those eligible for Free School Meals and those who are not eligible
  • Households successfully prevented from becoming homeless
  • Households in material deprivation
  • Households Living in Poverty