Rented and affordable homes

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Well-being objective 6: Increase the availability of rented and affordable homes

Why is this objective important?

  • Good quality affordable homes promote health and well-being, meeting the individual needs of the residents, building strong sustainable communities and places where people want to live.
  • Good quality energy efficient affordable homes are good for the People and the Environment - as the energy use within the home will be reduced, having a significant effect on reducing the fuel costs for the occupying residents. It will also have a significant effect on reducing pollutants in the atmosphere and mitigating fuel poverty in our communities.
  • It's good for the Social Structure - well-placed affordable housing developments allow communities to welcome a wide range of families and to create a vibrant, diverse, group of residents. This is true for rural and urban areas.
  • It's good for the Economy - in order to thrive, new businesses need easy access to its workforce. Affordable housing developments ensure that working families will remain in their community.

Why should this concern us?

People told us during our consultation on affordable Housing in 2015 that we need to:

  • Target help where the need is highest, in both urban and rural areas, by delivering more affordable homes for rent and buy.
  • Be more flexible - whether by bringing wasted homes back into use, buying existing homes or building new ones.
  • Do whatever it takes by developing innovative and creative ways to deliver more homes.
  • Use our resources in the best possible way to ensure as many new homes as possible.
  • Use the expertise, skills and resources of those we work with.