Live healthy lives

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Well-being objective 7: Help people live healthy lives (tackling risky behaviour and obesity)

Why is this objective important?

  • Our way of life is changing, people are living longer with a higher quality of life.
  • The challenge is to prevent ill health.
  • Living healthy lives allows people to fulfil their potential, meet educational aspirations and play a full part in the economy and society of Carmarthenshire.
  • Many of the preventive services and interventions required to maintain health, independence and well-being lie outside health and social care.
  • Playing a part in providing accessible, inclusive, exciting, sustainable services, which promote and facilitate learning, culture, heritage, information, well-being and leisure.

Why should this concern us?

  • There is a significant gap in life expectancy and a healthy life expectancy. In Carmarthenshire:
    • Life expectancy for males is 77.8 years (2016-18) compared to a healthy life expectancy of 65 years (2010-14)
    • Life expectancy for females is 82.3 years (2016-18) compared to a healthy life expectancy of 66 years (2010-14)
    • Healthy life expectancy of both males and females are below the Welsh average of 65.3 and 66.7 years.
  • 16.2% of adults are still smoking in Carmarthenshire and 63.6% of adults are overweight or obese (Welsh Average of 59.9%) National Survey for Wales 2018/19 & 2019/20
  • Referrals to substance misuse services have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and we are seeing an increase in associated issues such as Alcohol Related Brain Damage.
  • The co-morbidity of mental health and substance misuse is also a matter of concern.