Electoral Ward & County Profiles

Page updated on: 31/10/2019

Carmarthenshire is a very diverse county in terms of its people and its geography.  The county is made up of 58 electoral wards with 74 elected Members.   

Individual profiles have been prepared for each of these wards.  The profile provides a summary of the key characteristics of the ward as well as valuable local information. The ward profiles draw upon a wide array of data sources, and their standardised layout enables the quick and easy comparison of areas, an investigation of patterns, and identification of variations. 

The latest versions of the profiles published January 2019 incorporate a number of new or updated information sources, including: 

  • 2017 Mid Year Population Estimates (Office of National Statistics, ONS)
  • Population characteristics, household composition and economic activity status (2011 Census)
  • Housing type and tenure statistics (2011 Census)
  • Household Income estimates (CACI 'Paycheck' data 2018)
  • Ns-SeC data (socio-economic position based on occupation, 2011 Census)
  • Updated labour market and benefit statistics
  • Recorded crime statistics for 2017-2018 (Dyfed Powys Police)

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