Electoral Ward & County Profiles

Page updated on: 14/06/2022

Carmarthenshire is a very diverse county in terms of its people and its geography. Historically, the county has been made up of 58 electoral wards with 74 elected members. However, following a significant review of electoral boundaries conducted by the Boundary Commission for Wales from the May 2022 local elections the county will consist of 51 wards and 75 members. The new ward boundaries from May 2022 onwards can be found on the following page - Electoral ward boundaries.

This change has some implications on the Government sourced data that we utilise to produce a number of our resources. As such, the ward profiles available below relate to the historical ward boundaries whilst we await the release of updated data based on the new geographical boundaries. The profiles draw upon a wide array of data sources, namely the Census, which was conducted in 2021 with data due to be released from July 2022. Once updated the ward profiles will provide a clear and representative picture of the county’s wards based on this most recently available data.

To be informed of when these ward profiles are available or for further information or support with any data related queries please contact us at data@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

The latest versions of the profiles published May 2021 incorporate a number of new or updated information sources, including: 

  • 2019 Mid Year Population Estimates (Office of National Statistics, ONS)
  • Population characteristics, household composition and economic activity status (2011 Census)
  • Housing type and tenure statistics (2011 Census)
  • Household Income estimates (CACI 'Paycheck' data 2020)
  • Ns-SeC data (socio-economic position based on occupation, 2011 Census)
  • Updated labour market and benefit statistics
  • Recorded crime statistics for 2020-2021 (Dyfed Powys Police)

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