Corporate strategy 2018-2023 (Updated April 2021)

Statements of Intent

Our well-being statement:

We welcome our duties under the Well-being of Future Generations Act. We have already addressed much of the new Act’s requirements but recognise that we can do more.

  1. We feel that our Well-being Objectives contribute significantly to the achievement of the National Well-being Goals. Our Well-being Objectives relate to different aspects of life’s course and address well-being in a systematic way.
  2. These Well-being Objectives have been selected with considerable consultation feedback and a basket of different sources of information on need, performance data and regulatory feedback. In developing action plans to achieve these objectives we will involve people (in all their diversity) with an interest in achieving them.
  3. The steps we take to achieve the Well-being Objectives (our action plans) will look to ensure that long term, preventative, integrated, collaborative and involvement approaches are fully embraced.
  4. A Cabinet member has a specific responsibility for the overall Act. In addition, each Cabinet portfolio holder/s will have responsibility for the relevant Well-being Objectives.
  5. To ensure that we take these action plan steps we will use our in house developed Performance Information Monitoring System dashboard. All the action plans will be monitored and reported on quarterly to Department Management Teams, Corporate Management Team and Cabinet. In addition, progress will be reported to Scrutiny Committees. The Council will prepare an Annual Report on its Well-being Objectives and revise the objectives if required.
  6. The content of action plans to achieve the Well-being Objectives are adequately resourced and embedded in service business plans (see financial breakdown Appendix 3). To achieve these objectives services will ‘join-up’ and work together, work with partners and fully involve citizens in all their diversity.
  7. Our Objectives are long term, but our action plans will include milestones that will enable monitoring and assurance of progress.
  8. To ensure that our Well-being Objectives are deliverable and that the expectations of the Act are embraced we will adapt financial planning, asset management, risk assessment, performance management and scrutiny arrangements.
  9. In May 2020 the Future Generations Commissioner published the Future Generations Report 2020 and made recommendations for public bodies that we will consider for 2021/22 in Service Business Plans.