A quiet month

79 days ago

Well this is my second blog, but unfortunately, due to the on-going situation with Covid 19, lots of events I should have been attending in July had to be cancelled. I know that many local organisations will feel sad that they couldn’t hold anything this year – but we all look forward to next year instead.

For the second month running, we held a virtual Council meeting, which went well. Again my thanks to all staff concerned for ensuring that the democratic process is carrying on.

To round off the month, I was very happy to accept an invitation from Parc Dr Owen, Committee, Whitland to plant a tree in the Woodland Walk. This was to mark the new area that enables local residents to exercise, enjoy wildlife and contribute to carbon reduction. Social distancing measures were observed at all times.

Hopefully, this marks the start of some form of ‘return to normal’, and hopefully I will have more news in my next blog.

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