Our ambitious Capital Programme is something to be proud of

7 days ago

Last week I was fortunate to visit Cornwall on a peer review visit, to see what the councils there are working on, what challenges they are facing, and what they are doing well.

It was an opportunity also for us to share our successes and challenges, for colleagues in Cornwall to learn from what we are doing well.

It was an opportunity to really reflect on what we have achieved here in Carmarthenshire, and what our ambitions are for the future. Sometimes, it’s only when you take a step back, or see somebody else’s reaction, that you truly appreciate what we are doing.

They were amazed to hear about our Capital Programme, and the range of ambitious projects we have underway and in the pipeline.

One of those that really got their interest is the Tywi Valley Path, the first section of which I was pleased to open last week, having got a similar cycle path – the 18-mile Camel Trail – through the beautiful Cornish countryside. Indeed our officers have had valuable insight from colleagues in Cornwall in developing the Tywi Valley Path scheme.

They were also amazed to hear about our school modernisation programme, the progress we’re making ahead of target on our commitment to deliver 1,000 affordable homes and build and buy new homes to add to our social housing stock.

It’s true that we have the most ambitious Capital Programme in Wales – bigger even than Cardiff’s –and that’s something we can really be proud of.


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