Our Mini Executive Board campaign

7 days ago

This week we were delighted to introduce our new shadow Executive Board - 10 extremely talented young children that will shadow us over the next few years, asking us key questions and helping give our communities a better understanding of our priorities and projects.

Bearing in mind that everything we do has an impact on the future of our children, we were keen to involve young people in the delivery of our five-year plan – Moving Forward in Carmarthenshire, which makes almost 100 promises.

Our Mini Executive Board campaign is a bit of fun, but does have a serious side. It’s so important that we consider the wants and needs of future generations in everything that we do.

I was pleased to be introduced to ‘Emlyn Bach’ a few months ago, as we met at the new S4C headquarters Yr Egin, one of the two Carmarthenshire-based projects in the £1.3billion Swansea Bay City Deal.

Emlyn Bach, or Lewis Thomas as he’s otherwise known, has nine similar-sized colleagues – each chosen from the wards of our actual Executive Board Members, and each with big voices and personalities.

Every month, from the beginning of April, we will introduce one of our minis and promote a key element of our five-year plan. I’m sure you’ll look forward as much as we will to seeing how our meetings go, and what kind of questions they ask.

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