About this site

We’ve redesigned our website to work on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Based on information about how people use our website, we’ve tried to make it easier to get to our most popular services.

You can also create an online account to manage some of your Council services. Using your online account you can:

  • Receive e-mail alerts for changes to services for example bank holiday collections.
  • View payment information and balance details for council tax, business rates and housing rent.
  • Quick access to bin collections and local councillor information 
  • View your recent requests

We will be making changes to the site based on feedback that we receive. If you can’t find something or it’s not working as you’d expect, please let us know. You can rate each page using the star rating in the footer or complete our feedback form. We are adding to our online services all the time. If you have any suggestions on Council services that you’d like to request online or through your account, we’d love to hear from you.

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