Marriages, Civil Partnerships and Unique Celebrations

Page updated on: 02/05/2019

Many congratulations on your forthcoming event. We are delighted that you have chosen to hold your ceremony in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of Carmarthenshire.

We deliver a wide range of ceremonies. Our team of friendly and experienced staff will work closely with you to make your event special. Our care and attention starts at your initial enquiry and we truly understand the importance of each detail, no matter how small.

Before you can marry/form a civil partnership there are legal requirements you need to undertake:

  • You will each need to attend the Register Office in the district in which you live to give what is called a formal Notice of Intention to Marry/form a Civil Partnership
  • Before giving notice you must have made a provisional booking with your venue and with the Registrar’s Office in the district in which you are holding your ceremony.
  • If you wish to marry or form a Civil Partnership in a religious building you will still need to conduct the legal preliminaries and book a Registrar through us.
  • After you have given notice, you will have to wait for 28 clear days (or 70 days if subject to Immigration Control) before the legal document known as the “authority” can be issued. This document states that there have been no valid legal objections to the union.
  • We recommend you give notice at least 6 months before the ceremony, however you are able  to complete this process up to a year before the ceremony.
  • You will need to produce documents to confirm your identity and nationality e.g. name, age, marital condition, nationality status and place of residence. 

Our preferred documents for giving Legal Notice are:

  • A full birth Certificate, a valid driver’s licence and a current valid passport.  If you were born after the 1st January 1983 and you do not have a current valid passport, please contact us to discuss.  You can also download our flowchart to see how to establish British Nationality if you do not have a passport
  • Evidence of Residency – e.g. Valid UK driver’s licence, a recent utility bill (dated within 3 months), a bank statement (dated within 1 month) OR your most recent Council Tax statement.  These documents must have your current name and address clearly shown.  
  • Evidence of Marital Status - If you have been previously married, an original decree absolute is required, or if you are widowed we will need to see your late husband/wife’s death certificate.

Please contact us for more information:

  • if either of you is not a British Citizen.
  • if you do not have the necessary documents as given above.
  • if either of you is under 18. 
  • if you have any other queries.

If you are considering marriage overseas, please visit the Foreign Commonwealth Office website for advice.

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