Type of ceremony

Page updated on: 21/12/2017

When booking your venue, it is vital that you check that we are available to attend on the date and time of your choosing.  We take bookings up to 2 years in advance, so please contact us early to avoid disappointment.  

Civil Marriage Ceremony

You can marry at any Register Office or Approved Venue of your choice in England or Wales. Both parties are required to give notice in the district in which they usually reside. Therefore, we require that as soon as you have made a decision on the venue, you contact us to arrange the date and time.

Religious Ceremony - Church in Wales or Church of England

If you wish to be married in the Church of Wales or Church of England you should contact the vicar of the parish who will advise you on the on the necessary formalities.  There is generally no need to involve the Registration Service.

Other Places of Religious Worship

If you are planning a church or chapel wedding (other than Church in Wales or Church of England) you must first have the permission of the minister or governing body before you can make your arrangements.  It will be necessary for both of you to give notice of intention to marry at your local Registration Office.  You will need to let us know whether or not we will be required to attend to register your wedding.  Your minister or the venue’s own registrar (Approved Person) will be able to advise.  

Civil Partnerships and Marriage of same-sex couples

Same-sex couples can now choose to have their relationships legally recognized through marriage or civil partnership.  Both parties will need to give notice of intention at your local register office.  We advise couples to seek legal advice on the differences between Civil Partnership and Marriage before making a final decision on which will best suit them.

Conversion of Civil Partnership to a Marriage

Couples wishing to convert their existing Civil Partnership into a Marriage can do so, either as a simple paperwork exercise, or by means of a ceremony.  You will need to speak to the Superintendent Registrar in your district to make the necessary arrangements.

Renewal of Vows

You may wish to celebrate a recent commitment, an anniversary or simply wish to re-affirm your marriage/civil partnership vows, in the presence of your family and friends.  We can design you a one off ceremony, unique and personalized especially for you, to be held in any one of our venues or on your own private land.