Ordering copy certificates

Page updated on: 18/02/2019

If you require a copy of a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate, and the event took place in Carmarthenshire, then we can provide a copy for you. We offer a standard service or a statutory priority service if you require a copy certificate within 24 hours.

Standard Service

Where accurate and full details have been given* and the event was registered in Carmarthenshire after 1st July 1837, we can provide you with a certified copy certificate within approximately 15 working days, at a cost of £11 per certificate.

Statutory Priority Service

If you require a copy of your certificate within 24 hours and can provide all of the necessary information, the cost will be £35 per certificate.

*If you cannot provide full details, and the event is believed to have been registered in Carmarthenshire in 1837 or later, we can conduct a wider search between the years of your choice.  This involves a cost of £15 per hour for conducting the search (maximum of 3 hours / £45.00 allowed for a search - non refundable). If we are successful in finding your entry, there is an additional cost of £11 for the copy certificate which will then be issued within approximately 15 working days.

This service must be agreed and paid for in advance. 

Order a copy certificate