Food Poverty Fund

Page updated on: 23/10/2020

The purpose of the funding is as set out in the Tackling Food Poverty and Addressing Food Insecurity EU Transition Funding Bid.

The fund is open for applications from 26th October 2020 with a deadline for submission of 5pm on 30th November 2020.

The objective of the fund is aimed at enhancing and increasing existing provision for tackling poverty within Carmarthenshire.  The fund is solely a capital fund to:

  • Support an increased number of people facing food poverty by extending existing food bank provision across Carmarthenshire
  • Support organisations to access, store and distribute additional supplies of good quality food, including good food surplus, in particular, larger amounts of fresh food, boosting the capacity of organisations to provide good quality, nutritious food to their customers. It can be used in a variety of ways to suit the requirements of the organisation, for example but not limited to: purchasing fridges, freezers and cooking equipment, developing infrastructure to include databases to improve referrals and pathways, supporting collaborative agency working.
  • Projects such as community cafes, growing projects, social supermarkets, community shops (reducing food waste by selling residual stock) and sharing skills through mobile cooking schools would be considered

Please contact the Bureau ​to register your project and apply for an application form, phone 01269 590216 or email: