Catchment areas

Page updated on: 08/01/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There are changes to the admission appeals regulations during the coronavirus outbreak. On the 4th May 2020, Welsh Government released temporary changes to School Admissions Appeals.

The new temporary regulations will remain in force until 31st January 2021. The temporary regulations will apply to:

  • Appeals lodged between 4th May 2020 and 31st January 2021
  • Appeals that have already been lodged before 4th May 2020 but have not yet been decided

Find out what the key changes are and what it means for you as a parent.

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Every school has a designated catchment area which it serves. If you live within the designated catchment area of a school then you will stand a better chance of your application to the school being successful. There is, however, no guarantee of a place.

Children who live within the catchment area of a school will also stand a better chance of qualifying for free transport to and from school.

You can choose to send your child to any school in the County but you may not be successful in getting a place. With the exception of nursery places for 3 year olds you do have the right to appeal if your application is refused.

When your child moves from primary to secondary school, your application for a school place and free school transport is based on your home address and not the primary school your child attended.

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