Reporting a flooding problem or incident

Page updated on: 19/09/2019

If you are able to establish the source of the flooding then please contact the relevant organisation.  If the flood is being caused by a main river or the sea then you need to contact Natural Resources Wales on 03000 65 3000.

If you have a water main leak or flooding from a sewer you can report this online to Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water or call them on 0800 052 0130. It can be hard to distinguish between ground water flooding and a water main leak but if there is a constant flow that does not fluctuate with the rain then this could be a leaking main.

If you are experiencing a flood from any of the following sources then let us know. Provide as much information as possible and submit any photographs or video footage if you have any. It is important we have detailed information so that we can prioritise and direct resources accordingly.:

  • Ordinary Watercourse - all watercourses not designated as main rivers on the main river map
  • Surface Water  - water not in a drain or watercourse that has not or cannot soak into the ground
  • Highway flooding - water on or from the highway

Report a flooding problem