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Page updated on: 15/08/2019

We have changed the way we let our homes. With the launch of our Canfod Cartref Home Finder service,

  • You will see what homes are available
  • You will decide if you want to be considered for the vacant home
  • You will see what priority banding the successful applicant had

Lettings will still go to the person on our housing register in the highest priority band and longest waiting time with local and community connection giving additional priority. We work with four housing associations to provide affordable houses to rent. By applying once, you will be considered by all partners and you don't need to apply to each housing association separately. There is an assessment process to sort applicants into priority for rehousing. This is based on the urgency of your circumstances and the type of house you need. Our allocations policy explains this fully.

Call us on 01554 899389, we will ask you a few questions and as long as you are eligible to join the register we will give you your login details to get you started. If you'd like to speak to someone in person or bring in your ID and any supporting documents to start your application process, you can book an appointment at your nearest Hwb.

All applicants currently on the register will be sent the following details:

  • Your new Housing reference number
  • Your password

Log in to Canfod Cartref     Book an appointment

Go to the Canfod Cartref website and log on by clicking on the top button on the Home screen. You will be asked to update your details for us to activate your application. 

Log in to Canfod Cartref

Every week, Friday to Monday we will advertise all vacant homes on Canfod Cartred. If you’d prefer to search for a home in person, you can book an appointment to visit our customer service team at your nearest Hwb.

Log in to Canfod Cartref     Book an appointment

‘Bidding’ means putting forward your interest in a home. If you see a home that interests you, you can ‘bid’ for it. Bidding doesn’t involve money and it doesn’t matter when you bid, be it first thing in the morning at home or midnight while away on holiday; you can bid when it’s convenient for you.

The deadline for bidding will be midnight Monday every week. You can only bid if you are registered with us and only on the homes that you are eligible for.

Log in to Canfod Cartref

The successful ‘bidder’ will be in the highest band with the longest registration date. Local and community connection will also give you additional priority. We will contact the successful applicant after bidding has closed, so it is important we have your correct telephone number.

If we cannot get in touch with you, we will offer the home to the next applicant on the list. We will arrange a viewing and we may wish to visit you to undertake some checks and to confirm your details and circumstances.

Once all details have been confirmed, an offer will be made and you will be asked to accept or refuse the home. If you refuse the home without good reason, we will remove you from the register until your circumstances change. Unreasonable refusals only delay the allocation process causing costs and increased waiting time, so unless you are willing to accept the home you should think carefully before bidding for it.

We will not contact you but the results of each letting will be available on the Canfod Cartref website. This will show the number of bids made weekly, the successful application date and the band. No personal details will be shared about the successful applicant. But you will be able to see that all allocations have been fairly made, using our published Allocations Policy criteria. Also, you can see how many homes we have available weekly including the size and locations. This will hopefully build a greater understanding of the limited homes we have available and help you make decisions about your housing based on real evidence.

Visit Canfod Cartref website 

If you have any questions about Canfod Cartref, or need urgent housing advice, please contact us on 01554 899389. Please ensure if your contact details have changed you tell us. If we can’t contact you, we can’t offer you anything!