Tenant 2 Tenant Awards

Page updated on: 14/09/2018

These prestigious awards are all about shining a light on the many unsung heroes who make our estates and neighbourhood great places to live. The 2018 Tenant 2 Tenant Awards will be another chance to say a big thank you to people who go the extra mile for the benefit of their neighbours and friends, and those that make an extra effort to keep their homes and gardens looking their best.

Here's the list of the categories:

Awarded in recognising a group of volunteers who have gone the extra mile to bring some community spirit back to the area.

Celebrating a project that has involved sheltered scheme tenants working together to benefit others.

Shining a spotlight on a project that has brightened the lives of your children and families. This could be as a result of being part of your local family centre or a local community group.

Celebrating the fantastic efforts a fellow tenant has made to bring joy and wellbeing to the lives of people living in your community.

Recognising the exceptional efforts of someone who has gone above and beyond to promote, earn or spend Time Credits.

Everyone needs good neighbours, and this award is a big Thank You to one special neighbour who goes the extra mile to help you in times of need.

Celebrating the achievements of a tenant who has dedicated considerable time to make a difference in their community.

Embracing a housing legend who currently, or who has previously lived, in a council home. Has this person leapt ahead in their lives in some way, undertaken amazing feats, represented the country, or done something truly amazing?

Recognising an individual tenant who has overcome personal battles to make a difference to their own lives, or other lives.

A chance to shine a light on the talents of a keen gardener who has made their garden bloom.

Recognising the creativity of an individual tenant who has transformed a room or several rooms in their home.

An opportunity for you to reward someone who gives their time to help improve your life – someone who has put a smile on your face, helped you into training or employment, helped at a community group, etc. This award can be won by anyone, they don’t have to be a council tenant.