Carmarthenshire Welsh Church Fund

We have established the following criteria in order to aid the administration of the Welsh Church Fund under section 19 of the Welsh Church Act 1914. Applicants can apply for grant support for the following purposes which must be delivered within Carmarthenshire:

  • Advancement of education
  • Libraries, museums, art galleries, etc.
  • Relief of poverty
  • Advancement of religion
  • Other purposes beneficial to the Community

Who can apply?

  • Churches & Chapels
  • Registered charities or organisations who hold certificates of chartable status
  • Third sector organisations
  • Carmarthenshire residents
  • Informally or formally constituted consortia working on a particular project can also apply. All the organisations involved in an informal consortium must be eligible in their own right and must provide a copy of their constitution or governing document. The application form should be completed by the lead organisation that will be legally responsible for the grant and will receive the funding, should the application be successful.

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Page updated on: 19/03/2018