Nature reserves

Local Nature Reserves are havens for wildlife and are open to all to experience the peace and quiet of the natural world. Carmarthenshire County Council looks after four Local Nature Reserves as part of a commitment to safeguard biodiversity.  

There are six Local Nature Reserves in Carmarthenshire: Pembrey Burrows and Saltings, Ashpits Pond and Pwll Lagoon, North Dock Dunes, Carreg Cennen, Glan-yr-Afon, Kidwelly, and Morfa Berwig, Bynea. There are also a number of Nature reserves throughout the  County managed by other organisations.

Take a closer look at...

In Nature the small stuff matters! When we really start to notice the little things, a whole new world opens up to us. Mosses, lichens and fungi are often overlooked but without them our lives would not be the same! Find out here about the importance of some often overlooked species and habitats. Next time you are out and about why not take a closer look?!


Page updated on: 04/09/2018