Breach of planning

5. Complain about a high hedge

A hedge can be an ideal boundary to your home and attract new wildlife to your garden. Unfortunately, some hedges can cause you, or your neighbours, unwanted problems such as subsidence and loss of light.

Under Part 8 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act you can make a complaint and ask us to evaluate if the 'reasonable enjoyment' of your home is being affected by the height of a neighbouring hedge. This service costs £120. The fee is non-refundable and regardless of the outcome you cannot claim this back from the owner of the hedge.

We cannot help with boundary disputes or subsidence; we recommend you contact Citizen’s advice on 0800 702 2020 or visit their website.

Asking us to get involved should be your last resort, if you do decide to make a complaint you will need to provide evidence that you’ve tried to resolve the situation with your neighbour. Keep a diary with dates and a brief description of what you’ve done, how you contacted them, who attended if you met and what the result was.

You must either own or live in the property to make a complaint. If you don’t own the property, please let your landlord or the owner know before you complete this form.

You will need the following:

  • Your details.
  • Owner/landlords details if it's not your property.
  • Evidence that you've tried to resolve the issue with the owner of the hedge.
  • Details/photos of the hedge and how it is affecting your home.
  • Information about any previous complaints.
  • £120 payment

We will review the information you’ve provided and may carry out a site visit. If we agree with your complaint, we will send a formal remedial notice, this will include:

  • measures to be taken
  • a timescale for when this must be done
  • any future work that needs to be carried out to prevent the problem happening again.

We cannot ask that:

  • the hedge is removed altogether.
  • the hedge is cut to below 2 metres.
  • you have the power to cut your neighbour's hedge.

Both you and the owner of the hedge have the right to appeal our decision to the Planning inspectorate.

Complain about a high hedge (.pdf)