Breach of planning

7. Enforcement action

Enforcement action will only take place when it is absolutely necessary and all other means of resolving the issue have failed.

If it is necessary to take enforcement action, then the following can be issued:

Planning contravention notice

This will require the owner or occupier of the land to give us further information about activities and ownership of the land. This is the first step towards formal enforcement action.

Enforcement notice

This will explain:

  • How planning has been breached
  • What needs to be done to put things right
  • When this needs to be done by.

Breach of condition notice

This will be issued if somebody fails to keep to a condition attached to their planning permission, for example, what time a takeaway must close.

Section 215 notice

These may be served where we have clear evidence that untidy land or buildings are harming the local area.

If the requirements of an enforcement notice or breach of condition notice have not been complied with by the due date, then we will go on to pursue prosecution in the Courts, including seeking an injunction in the most persistent and harmful cases.