Report an alleged breach of planning

Page updated on: 08/02/2019

We have a duty to investigate complaints about developments which may have been carried out without planning permission. This could involve:

  • The unauthorised erection or extensions of a building without planning permission
  • The unauthorised change of use of a building
  • or failure to comply with conditions attached to a planning permission
  • Development which is not in accordance with an approved plan.

In all cases we will make every effort to ensure that the action taken is in proportion to the breach of planning law involved. We will endeavour to negotiate a solution to the problem that satisfies the law and all parties involved. We will not become involved in matters that are purely neighbourly disputes and, in particular, cannot become involved in boundary disputes. When reporting a potential breach of planning, we need the following information:

  • The precise location of the site or property to which the complaint relates.
  • The exact nature of concern i.e. the potential breach of planning control. 
  • An indication of any harm caused/being caused.
  • If possible, the identity of the person/ organisation responsible and the date and/or time the breach began.

Every effort will be made to keep the identity of the complainant confidential. In many cases the original source of the complaint is an officer of the Council. However those who are close to the site of the alleged planning contravention often provide the best evidence. There are likely to be cases where the reluctance of a complainant to be identified and provide evidence may seriously affect the outcome.

Report an alleged breach of planning