Pre-application service

Page updated on: 04/02/2022

If you need planning permission, you can use our pre-application advice service before submitting your application to us.  

The fees that can be charged for statutory pre-application services are the same across Wales, although vary depending upon the size and scale of the proposed development.

The regulations require us to provide a written response to all valid pre-application enquiries within 21 days, unless an extension of time is agreed between the authority and applicant. 

As a minimum, applicants for householder developments should expect to receive the following information within their written response:

  • The relevant planning history of the site
  • The relevant development plan policies against which the development proposal will be assessed
  • Relevant supplementary planning guidance (i.e. design, conservation etc.)
  • Any other material planning considerations
  • An initial assessment of the proposed development, based on the information above

For all other development proposals, applicants should receive all the information outlined above, as well as whether any Section 106 contributions are likely to be sought and an indication of the scope and amount of these contributions.  There is also requirement for applicants to submit a pre-application consultation report for all outline or full planning applications for ‘major’ proposals.

Without payment of the appropriate fee, we will be under no obligation to accept a pre-application enquiry form. 

If, in our opinion, a pre-application enquiry form is submitted without the correct fee, we will explain to the applicant as soon as possible in writing that the pre-application service cannot begin until the correct fee is received and identify what payment is due.

If a fee is paid to us but the pre-application enquiry is subsequently rejected as being invalid for any reason except for payment of an incorrect fee, the fee will be refunded.

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