My nearest - Public rights of way

Page updated on: 09/04/2022

The definitive map and statement is our legal record of public rights of way in Carmarthenshire. It shows public footpaths, bridleways and some vehicular rights of way. It is conclusive evidence of the existence of the rights of way shown on it. The definitive map and statement can only be amended by a legal order. Any proposals to change a right of way shown on the definitive map will be advertised so that everyone has an opportunity to participate and comment on the proposal.

There may be Public rights of Way within Carmarthenshire which have not been registered and are therefore not shown on the definitive map or statement. There are processes in place for legally registering these paths. For further information regarding this please contact the Rights of Way office. The definitive map can be viewed at our offices at the Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park.

Please note that the map on this page is NOT the Definitive Map (i.e. the legal record) and is for general information purposes only.  It may be open to error.  If you need accurate information regarding a specific route you should make an appointment to view the Definitive Map.