Personal alarms/monitors

Page updated on: 29/11/2018

There are a range of personal alarms and monitors that can help you remain living at home safely and independently.


Careline is a personal alarm service that we provide. The alarm is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, every day of the year, enabling you and your loved ones to have total peace of mind at the touch of a button.

The service can help people with different needs from older people who may live alone (providing them with the knowledge that help is always at hand) to those living with medical conditions, learning difficulties or maybe mobility problems (enabling them to continue to live independently). It provides peace of mind for family members knowing that loved ones can access help immediately, if needed.

The alarm pendant is simple to use - it can be worn around the neck or as a wrist band. It works in the home and surrounding areas. By pressing the red button on your pendant, it connects 24 hours a day to our dedicated call centre. So if ever you have an emergency or a fall, you are assured to get help quickly.

Careline can be installed in one visit. Applying for an alarm is simple - all you have to do is contact Careline on 0300 333 2222 or e-mail


Telecare is a simple system that can tell us when there is an emergency in your home and allows us to get help to you as soon as possible. Telecare offers 24 hour monitoring and support and is linked to a call centre (Careline+) so that either someone can talk to you and find out what has happened and if necessary arrange for someone to come and help you, or a family member or friend can be alerted and contact you. As well as keeping you independent and living at home it can give your carer peace of mind, knowing that they will be promptly alerted if there is a problem.

People who might benefit from the use of Telecare include those living with memory loss and dementia, the elderly, people with a physical disability, chronic disease or sensory impairment as well as those with learning disabilities or mental health problems.

To receive Telecare you will need to contact us. We will then discuss with you what is important to help you live independently at home and will carry out an assessment of your needs to establish whether you are eligible to receive Telecare and what costs may be associated.

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