Individuals with Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have impairments in social interaction and social communication together with impairments in social imagination and a narrow repetitive pattern of activities and interests. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability.

This means that people with an ASD may have difficulties in building and sustaining friendships and relationships, understanding social rules and social problem solving. Many people with an ASD have sensory issues, being more or less sensitive to stimuli than others. It is common for people with ASD to feel isolated and misunderstood.

Research evidence indicates that 1 in 100 individuals have an ASD. Many people with Autism are able to live independent lives but others face more challenges and need support.

Carmarthenshire Adult Autism Advice (CAAA)

Carmarthenshire Adult Autism Advice is an advice and information service. It is a service for Adults in Carmarthenshire with High Functioning Autism/Asperger's Syndrome and for those who support them. CAAA is a service for those who may not be able to access traditional adult support services. Anyone can contact the service; they don’t need to be referred by a professional.

  • We can provide advice to you by email, telephone or in person.
  • We can help direct you and those who support you, to an appropriate service or organisation.
  • We offer mentoring around specific issues to help to support your independence and to try and reduce any worries which you may have.
  • We can offer training on Autism to organisations, services or clubs as part of the National ASD Aware Scheme.

By raising awareness of ASD we can help make services more accessible for you. We are not able to provide:

  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Crisis intervention
  • Casework/ ongoing support
  • Long term interventions

Page updated on: 16/03/2018