Learning disabilities

People with a learning disability may need help with learning and remembering, and may also have difficulty communicating. Our aim is to offer support to enable people to live as independently as possible. We recognise that each individual is unique and that everyone has their own particular circumstances and needs.

To receive Social Care support you must first have an assessment of your needs by the Community Team for Learning Disabilities. This will identify your strengths and difficulties, so that tailored support services can be arranged.

We will tell you about options that would be suitable for you.  We will take into account your health and social needs and interests.  We will able help you with a range of options which best suits you. This could include training that you can access to help you learn new skills for employment and also to take part in community activities.

This may include applying for Direct Payments to purchase help to be able to achieve your goals. Or you may have a complex learning disability and will be assessed as needing a day service.  A day service is somewhere individuals with severe learning disability can go to learn life skills such as communication, cooking, crafts and have an opportunity to meet with others. Day services are available across the County.

Page updated on: 23/01/2018