Transition services

Growing up and leaving school is sometimes called "transition". Sometimes it's hard to know what to do next or what choices there are. It helps to make plans about what you will do after you leave school.

We can help you with your plans

The Transition Service can help you make decisions and choices about what you can do. We can help make sure that you know about all the opportunities that are open to you.

Together, we can work out what your needs are and then we can give you advice and guidance about the choices you have.

We can help you decide what you would like to do.

What choices are there?

  • College
  • Day and Employment Opportunities
  • Voluntary Work
  • Sports and leisure activities

We can arrange for you to try out some of the services available to you so that you can decide what's best for you. Once you have decided, we can give you practical support to help you settle into the service of your choice.

What if I need more than one service?

Together we'll work a plan out, so that you can use the services in the best way for you.

Will you find me a job?

We work closely with many employment agencies who can help and advise you with your choice of work. Or you may be interested in voluntary work or may wish to have a valued day occupation.

We can tell you about Day and Employment Opportunities, where support will be given to meet your needs, to find the right training and job for you.


Page updated on: 20/03/2018