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Elections & Voting

We work to support well-run elections and referendums, offering support and guidance to those involved. This section will provide details of previous election results and information of any elections underway or planned for the future.

We also work to ensure voters know how and when to register to vote and the different methods of voting. Remember to use your vote and have your say.

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Carmarthenshire Electoral Review

Carmarthenshire has begun an Electoral Review. This is conducted by the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales and is an examination of the council’s electoral arrangements. It is a separate process to the Parliamentary Constituency Boundary Review.

The Electoral review for Carmarthenshire will determine the following:

  • The total number councillors for the principal area
  • The total number of electoral wards
  • The electoral ward boundaries
  • The number of councillors elected to each electoral ward
  • The names of each electoral ward

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Parliamentary Constituencies Review

The Parliamentary Constituencies Review is now being undertaken by the four UK Boundary Commissions in their respective parts of the UK. The Boundary Commission for Wales are now seeking representation on their revised proposals. The review will take place over approximately two and a half years with final recommendations submitted to Parliament in September 2018 and if agreed the new constituencies will take effect at the next scheduled General Election in 2020.

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