A-Z of Council Services

This A-Z index is a comprehensive guide to this website, providing details of information that can be found on the site. Each entry is linked to pages which are maintained by whichever department or partner offers that service.

Recycling banks

Re-use and recycle

Road closure

Road closure - Notification of roadworks only

Rent payments

Road closure - Planned road closure

RADAR keys - public toilets for people with disabilities

Reading and writing

Real nappies

Recycling / bin collections

Recycling, Bins and Litter

Recycling centre permit exemption

Recycling centre permits

Recycling Centres

Redeployment opportunities


Register a food business

Register to vote

Register your business on 100% Sir Gâr

Regularisation applications

Related Articles

Renewable energy

Renewable Energy

Renewing / cancelling your licence

Renting your shared equity home


Report a damaged manhole cover / drain

Report a dead animal on the road

Report a faulty street light

Report a litter problem

Report a pothole

Report a problem with a bus shelter

Report a trip hazard

Report an abandoned vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicle

Report damage to a highway structure

Report damaged / missing street furniture

Report damaged fences / barriers

Report debris / obstruction / landslip

Report defective road marking / sign

Report faulty permanent traffic lights

Report faulty temporary traffic lights

Report flooding

Report flooding / blocked drains on the highway

Report hazardous / fallen trees

Report overgrown vegetation / injurious weeds

Report Winter hazard

Request a repair

Request an assessment

Research & Statistics

Residential & nursing care

Resident's parking permit

Rhys Prichard

Rights of way improvement plan

Road cycling

Road safety

Road Safety

Road Safety Advice


Rural communities

Rural communities newsletter

Rural Roads

RW Safety Training

Rented and affordable homes