A-Z of Council Services

This A-Z index is a comprehensive guide to this website, providing details of information that can be found on the site. Each entry is linked to pages which are maintained by whichever department or partner offers that service.

Parking dispensation

Parc Grenig: Pathway to Sustainability

Parc yr Esgob

Parent Partnership Service



Parking FAQs

Parliamentary General Election 2019

Participation and children's rights

Party walls

Pathway to Care event


Pay your rent

Paying your Council Tax

Pembrey Burrows

Pembrey Library

Pembrey School

Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

Pendine Outdoor Education Centre

Peniel Community School

Pension Credit

Pensions Officer

Pentre Awel

Performance Management

Period Dignity Directory, Carmarthenshire

Permission for seasonal decorations

Permission to externally insulate a property

Personal alarms/monitors

Personal Assistant - Care and Social Support

Personal Assistants

Personal licence

Personal searches of the Local Land Charges register

Pest control

Pest Control

Phosphates sign up

Physical and medical problems

Place and Infrastructure

Placement Opportunities

Planned road closure


Planning appeals

Planning Committee

Planning Enforcement Statement

Planning permission for developers

Planning Policy

Pobl & Podiau / People & Pods

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2021


Policy background


Pontyates Library

Pontyberem CK's Supermarket

Pontyberem Library

Pontyberem Primary School



Portable traffic signal

Post completion - terms and conditions

Post Completion - Terms and Conditions

Post Completion - Terms and Conditions

Poverty Support

Pre Accommodation

Pre event planning - design out the waste first where possible.

Pre-application advice service

Pre-Application Consultation (PAC)

Pre-application service

Preferred Strategy (Pre-Deposit Public Consultation)

Premises licence

Primary School Investment

Primary school meals




Print page

Print page

Print page

Priority gritting routes

Priority Habitats in Carmarthenshire

Priority Species in Carmarthenshire

Privacy Notices

Private access protection markings (H Bar)

Private hire operator licence

Private hire vehicle licence

Private Landlords

Private Rented Tenants Advice

Private Tenants


Procurement Glossary

Procurement guidelines

Procurement rules

Procurement rules - Getting quotes

Procurement rules - Getting quotes

Procurement rules - Getting quotes

Promoting your business

Property Development Fund

Protected sites

Protecting bats in buildings

Protecting nesting birds / owls

Provision of a Service

Public Convenience Strategy for Carmarthenshire

Public notices

Public Participation Strategy and Petition Scheme

Public rights of way

Public Rights of Way

Public Rights of Way (PROW)

Public Spaces Protection Order

Public weighbridges

Publication scheme

Publicity of this plan and planning enforcement documents

Purchase to Pay

Purpose of Transformation Strategy

Parking permits


Public Conveniences

Promote Welsh language and culture