A-Z of Council Services

This A-Z index is a comprehensive guide to this website, providing details of information that can be found on the site. Each entry is linked to pages which are maintained by whichever department or partner offers that service.

A few days left to make a difference

A more positive picture is starting to emerge

Ability to learn

About your business rates

About your rent

Access to walking and cycling (Active Travel)

Access to walking and cycling (Active Travel)


Action is needed on a national flood protection strategy

Adapting your home

Additional Learning Needs


Adult learning

Advantages of being bilingual

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing areas

Agendas & minutes

Agendas & Minutes

Agreeing the Why’s, How’s and When’s

Air Quality

Alcohol & entertainment licences

Alterations to Listed Buildings

Ammanford A-Z Convenience Store (Premier)

Ammanford Customer Service Hwb

Ammanford Hwb

Ammanford Learning Centre @ Streets

Ammanford library

Ammanford Open Air Market

Ammanford Regeneration Development Fund

An opportunity to reflect and time to recover

Animal licence

Animal movement

Animal welfare

Annual Monitoring Report (AMR)

Annual update of the voters roll

Anti-social behaviour

Appeals: Refused a school place

Apply / Request

Apply for a home

Apply for a Primary school place

Apply for a school place: 3 year olds

Apply for events in a town centre

Apply for LEADER funding

Apply for Section 106 funds

Apply for...

Apply to remove a hedgerow

Applying for listed building consent


Approval of food premises

Armed Forces Covenant

Arrears / Set up payment plan

Ash dieback disease

Ashpits Pond and Pwll Lagoon


Awarding school places: Criteria

A-Z of recycling

A quiet month

Access markings

Are you worried about a child?