A-Z of Council Services

This A-Z index is a comprehensive guide to this website, providing details of information that can be found on the site. Each entry is linked to pages which are maintained by whichever department or partner offers that service.

Senior Bus Pass for over 60

School closures

Salvation Army

Scaffold licence


School budgets

School Admissions

School Admissions / Changing schools

School attendance

School Crossing Patrol

School governors

School meals

School sport & leisure

School term and holiday dates

School transport

School Uniform and Equipment Grant

Scrap Metal Dealer Licence


Search for a planning application

Search job vacancies

Secondary School Investment

Secondary school meals

Section 106: Affordable homes

Section 106: Planning obligations

Section 171 excavating the road

Section 50 street works licence

Selling your shared equity home

Severe Learning Difficulties

Sex establishments licence

Shared Equity Homeowners

Shared lives

Shop Forever Products

Short breaks

Sight / hearing loss

Single person discount

Site inspections

Skills and training

Skip licence

Sky lanterns / balloons

Social Care

Social Care & Health

Social Services & Well-being (Wales) Act

Solo Laundry Services

South West Wales Regional Engagement Team (RET)

Special diets, allergies and intolerances

Speech, Language & Communication

Speed Reduction Initiative

St Clears Library

Standards Committee

Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE)

Statement of Accounts

Stockists List

Strategies and plans

Stray & lost dogs

Street café licence

Street naming & numbering

Street trading licence

Streets Youth Club Ammanford

Submission and Independent Examination

Submit a planning application

Sunbed licence

Superfast Broadband

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

Support at home

Support for carers

Supporting Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Staff

Supporting People Programme


Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment

Sustainable design - BREEAM

Sustainable Drainage Approval Body (SAB)

Swapping your home