LDP Review Report

Following the adoption of the LDP we are required to ensure that its content remains up-to-date, and to make necessary changes where needed.  This reflects the requirements under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, to undertake regular reviews of the LDP’s content.  A key means of doing this is through the Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR) and understanding where the Plan is performing well and where it may not be delivering as intended.

The second AMR 16/17 assessed the LDP’s performance and relevant contextual information and evidence. In conclusion, the AMR recommends that a Review Report on the LDP should be undertaken.  The Review Report will consider and set out those areas of the LDP which are delivering and performing well, and those areas where changes will be required.  It will also set out the requirements for a Revised LDP, and if required recommend whether a full or short revision process will be followed.

Once the Review Report has been formally approved it will be published here along with associated key evidence.

Further details on the Review Report and, where required, the subsequent process of preparing a Revised LDP will be made available shortly.