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Councillors, AMs, MPs & MEPs

County Councillors

The Council comprises 74 Councillors, they are elected by you to represent your views when they make decisions about services and matters affecting the local community. They have a number of roles and responsibilities and they need to balance the needs and interests of their community, their political party or group with the needs of the residents of the county as a whole. 

On behalf of the local community they make decisions about local services, budgets, the overall level of Council services and the level of Council Tax to be levied each year.

Each Councillor is elected to represent a specific area (Electoral Ward) and normally serves for a period of four years after which time they then have to stand for re-election.

Locally, their work includes:

  • holding surgeries to help local people
  • supporting local organisations
  • campaigning on local issues
  • developing links with all parts of the community and being a community leader. 

Town & Community Councillors

In Carmarthenshire we have 72 Town and Community Councils with 135 seats.

AMs, MPs & MEPs

Members of the National Assembly (AMs) are elected by you in the Assembly Elections held every four years. The next election will take place in May 2016.

Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected in the general election, these can be called at anytime but must be held at least every five years. Each MP serves in the House of Commons, representing his or her constituency.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are elected by you in the European elections and serve for up to five years.

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