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Apply for school transport - i-Local, Do it online

Your children may be able to get free transport to school, depending on how far they live from the school and any additional needs they may have.

All children of eligible age qualify for free school transport if they are residents of Carmarthenshire and go to their nearest or designated school. They must also live at least:

  • 2 miles from the school if they’re in primary school
  • 3 miles from the school if they’re in secondary school

You are advised to contact us before you decide which school to send your children in order to establish eligibility for free school transport. Under certain circumstances transport may also be provided for pupils who do not normally qualify under the general policy - for more information, download our School Transport policy.

The arrangement and cost of transport to school for pupils who do not qualify for free transport is a parental responsibility. Public transport may be available, for further information contact Traveline on 0800 484 0000 or visit their website

For pupils not eligible for free transport because they live too close to the school, and where there is no public transport,  we operate a concessionary scheme where spare seats on an existing school bus can be made available once all the entitled pupils have been allocated their seats. Once a vehicle is full, we will not provide larger vehicles to accommodate further concessions.  Allocation of a spare seat is made only for the duration of the current academic year and will not automatically result in the concession being offered in future years. A charge is made for the issue of spare seat travel passes.

Parents who have submitted an application for free transport and have been refused may request a review of the decision, and will be notified of the process as part of the written notice of refusal.

Lost bus passes

If a travel pass is lost or damaged please contact us on 01267 234 567 in order to make temporary arrangements for travel (where possible) and to order a replacement pass. A £6 charge will be made for replacement travel passes.

How to apply

If your child is eligible for free school transport:

If your child is not eligible for free school transport:

Additional information:

Page updated on: 02/10/2017

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