School transport

Page updated on: 01/05/2024

Your children may be able to get free transport to school, depending on how far they live from the school and any additional needs they may have.

To qualify for free school transport applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • be at least 5 years old
  • be resident of Carmarthenshire
  • go to their nearest or designated school
  • live at least 2 miles from the school if they’re in primary school or at least 3 miles from the school if they’re in secondary school

You are advised to email before you decide which school to send your children in order to establish eligibility for free school transpo​rt.

Under certain circumstances transport may also be provided for pupils who do not normally qualify under the general policy based on:

  • Road safety
  • Medical condition
  • Learners with learning difficulties/disabilities
  • Change of residence in GCSE years
  • Religious beliefs

Parents who have submitted an application for free transport and have been refused, will be notified of the review process as part of the written notice of refusal. 

Pupils are being encouraged to make their own way to school, and to safely walk, cycle or scoot to school where possible.

It is the responsibility of parents to arrange a suitable way for pupils to get to school when they do not qualify for free transport.

Please read our home to school transport policy and spare seat policy carefully before starting your application. 

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