A-Z of Council Services

This A-Z index is a comprehensive guide to this website, providing details of information that can be found on the site. Each entry is linked to pages which are maintained by whichever department or partner offers that service.

Myths & tips

M Hiorns Building Contractor

M Kelly Pluming & Building Contractors

Mark Howard Ltd

Martin Rees Electrical

Martin Taffetsauffer

Morgan Construction


My Nearest - Housing

Marriages, Civil Partnerships and Unique Celebrations

Meals on wheels

Manor Road Centre


Mental health

Maths GCSE for adults

Maes y Morfa






Maes Y Gwendraeth

Moving up to Secondary school

Modernising education programme

Map of planning applications

My Nearest - Planning information

Morfa Berwig

Marsh fritillary project

Mammals - County recorder

Mammals in a Sustainable Environment

Millennium Coastal Park, Llanelli

Moths - County recorder

Moths in Carmarthenshire

Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park

M Hiorns Building Contractors Ltd

Machynys Homes Construction


Mantlais Ltd

Mark Baggott BSc (Hons) MRICS

Mark Waghorn Architects Ltd

Martin Watts Architectural Associates Ltd

Mel Williams Partnership

Melin Energy Consultants

Millennium Builders Ltd

Morgan Construction Wales Ltd

Mott Macdonald Ltd

MZ Architectural

Mobile libraries



Menter Cwm Gwendraeth

Myrtle House

My Nearest - Emergency Services

Motorcycle CRASH Card

Motorcycle Training

Message from the Leader

Magpies, Carmarthen

Mossies, Carmarthen and Llanelli

Microsoft Home Use Program

Market traders

Making a complaint about a licensed premises

Mobile homes – Residential site licence

Members of Parliament

Members of European Parliament

Moving Forward in Carmarthenshire: the next 5-years

Member's advisory panel

My nearest - Election information