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Data Protection

The Data Protection Act 1998 is designed to protect your personal information and to make sure that it is dealt with carefully and properly. Personal data is information about you, such as your name, address, telephone number or your financial details.

The Act requires all organisations that gather and deal with personal information to comply with eight important rules known as the Data Protection principles.

Organisations or people that collect and use personal information are known as Data Controllers.

As a Data Controller, Carmarthenshire County County Council is committed to complying with the legislation by applying the Data Protection Principles across all its services.

Please refer to our Privacy Notice for more details about how we use your information.

The Act allows you to request a copy of information that is held about you, subject to certain exemptions, by making what is known as a ‘subject access request’.

You can ask the Council:

  • If we process personal information about you
  • For a description of the information and the reasons it is being processed
  • Who is given the information
  • To be given a copy of the information
  • For details as to the source of the information (where this is available)

We may also require the following information/fee.  Please note until we have received this, we will be unable to provide the data you have requested:

  • Sufficient information to enable us to confirm your identity
  • Sufficient information to enable us to find the personal data covered by the request
  • £10.00 fee

Valid requests must be made in writing. If you would like to make a request, please write to the:

Information & Data Protection Officer
County Hall
SA31 1JP 

E-mail: dataprotection@carmarthenshire.gov.uk
Telephone: 01267 224127

We have to make sure that any personal data we provide is given only to those who are entitled to receive it. Therefore, if we are uncertain as to your identity we will ask you to verify this by providing more information.

In such circumstances, it may be necessary for us to see a document confirming your identity before providing any personal data. Examples of documents would include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • Utility bill

On receipt of your request and any additional information/fee that we need, we are required to respond promptly and in any event, within 40 calendar days. 

You also have the right to access images of yourself recorded on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems controlled by the Council.

Subject to any exemptions that apply, if we hold it, we can provide a copy of CCTV footage that contains images of you.

Requests for CCTV images are generally dealt with in the same way as other subject access requests. A written request must therefore be made, using the contact details provided above.

However, please note that we will require payment of a £10.00 fee in all cases along with the following to enable to us to search for any images we hold:

  • The location of the CCTV system
  • The time and date the you believe the images were recorded
  • A photograph of yourself, that was current at the time the images were recorded

It would also be helpful if you could provide any other information that would assist in identifying the images (e.g. any distinguishing items of clothing worn by you at the time). We may require other information from you to confirm your identity.

If you are a Social Care client you can access your files or records via your social worker or social work team. Further details are contained in the Social Care leaflet "Your information, your rights".

You have a general right to access information which we hold that does not relate to you as an individual, and which we do not routinely publish by making a request under the Freedom of Information Act. We also follow the ICO Publication Scheme which gives you easy access to information about the Council including expenditure and performance data.

If you have you any concerns regarding the processing of your information by the Council, you can address these to our Complaints Team, or raise them with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

For further details on your rights under the Data Protection Act, the  Information Commissioner’s Office website contains a large amount of informative guidance.

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