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Houses into homes scheme

The Houses to Homes initiative was launched by the Welsh Government in April 2012, offering loans to help people bring empty properties back into use for sale or rent.

Qualification conditions apply:

  • Loans can only be made available for properties that have been empty for six months or more
  • Applications for loans to convert empty commercial properties into residential accommodation are considered. However, it is likely that you’d need planning permission for the conversion and we ask that you contact the planning department to discuss your proposals before applying.  We will only consider a loan application if the relevant planning permission has been granted
  • The maximum loan amount you can apply for is £25,000 per property or unit, up to a maximum of £150,000 per applicant (six units)
  • Any loan offered, taking into account any existing mortgage, cannot exceed 80% of the current property value.  Therefore, if you have an existing mortgage of £65,000 on a property with a current market value of £100,000, then the maximum loan that can be approved is £15,000.

It is possible in certain cases for another property to be used as security for the loan.

The finance may be used for:

  • Loans to return a property to use to sell - these loans would have a maximum two year repayment period
  • Loans to return a property to use for rent - these loans would have a maximum three year repayment period

All loans approved will be subject to a number of conditions to ensure that the loan fund monies are recycled to assist further empty property schemes (further details on these are available on request).

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Page updated on: 03/05/2016

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