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Dangerous Structures

If you are concerned that a building or structure may be dangerous you can contact us at any time. In the interest of public safety a 24 hours a day service is provided to cover Office and Non Office hours with the aid of Careline to cover out of office incidents concerning dangerous structures.

Where necessary the danger will be removed immediately by our own specialist contractors under the close supervision of an experienced senior building control officer who will ensure that the work is carried out in the most suitable way.

If we need to take this action in respect of your property we will make every effort to contact you first. If this is not possible, a card will be left at the premises indicating what action has had to be taken and who should be contacted for further advice.

If your property is in a dangerous condition, but is not considered to be an immediate danger, a formal Dangerous Structure Notice will have to be served, but we will give you reasonable time to respond and offer a point of contact for further guidance.

There is a charge for dealing with dangerous structures to cover our reasonable administration costs and our contractor's charges.

Where minor defects are found in properties we will, if possible, carry out an inspection and offer informal advice on the best way of rectifying the problem.

Contact us

To notify us of a dangerous building please call us on:

  • 01267 246002 - During office hours
  • 0300 333 2222 - Out of hours (Local Authority Careline)  
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